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About IBAA

IBAA company was founded in Lebanon Beirut 1989 manufacturing Surprise toys .
In 1999 IBAA company was transfer to Damascus Syria and start Expanding our products and we added two new lines for Bubble Gum and Candy.
In 2009 we start manufacturing Popping candy followed by the Tennis Ball Bubble Gum as our main products.

Despite our bad situations is Syria we still Manage to stay working and meeting the Market requirements as best as we can.

We satisfied your valued customer by providing on time shipment, good
quality, and competitive price.

 In addition to give much better service, we built a professional team
That  has strong customer relationship ability, provides innovative ideas and
develops solution for today's changing requirement.

From being local company, Ibaa has become one of the main players in the
region with its export in Iran, Iraq ,Egypt , Lebanon ,Saudiarabia,
Algeria, Tunisia , Russia, and Latin America .

Our enriched experience guide us to step ahead by searching and
Developing long term business relationship with new and respective companies.




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